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STS Kapitan Glowacki

            Built in 1944 as a German patrol boat, it owes its hull lines to an even earlier construction, namely the Danish pilot's schooner, known for its excellent maritime properties.

         Purchased by Panstwowe Centrum Wychowania Morskiego, it was finished as a gaff fishing ketch (234 m2 sail area, 6.40m wide, 3.30m draft, 70 BRT, auxiliary engine 135 hp). She was a school ship of Szkoly Rybolowstwa Morskiego, fished on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The crew was then 9 people plus 14 trainees. In 1967 it was transferred to Liga Obrony Kraju in Jastarnia, and three years later it was transferred to the PZZ center in Trzebieza. In 1976 it was withdrawn from operation due to its poor technical condition.

         The funds, necessary to carry out a major overhaul, were not available until 1984. In 1986, Henryk Rutkowski returned to the sea after a thorough reconstruction carried out by the PPiUR "Szkuner" Rybacka Repair Yard in Wladyslawowo. As a result of the reconstruction a completely different, new sailing ship was created, only the main structure and a part of the sheathing remained from the old one. The equipment of the vessel was changed and transformed into a brigantine.

         Sailing ship's debut in the Cutty Sark Regatta took place in 1989, where it came to Pool near London, and then took part in the regatta on the London-Hamburg route. [...]. In 1995 the name of the ship was changed to Kaptain Glowacki.

Source: "Zaglowce świata".

Complex Jacht has become the general contractor of STS "Kapitan Głowacki" repair. We believe that after many months of hard work the final effect will satisfy you.

STS "Kapitan Glowacki" towed from Kołobrzeg to the "Szkuner" shipyard in Władysławowo We have started the complete renovation from demolition and slipping. 

STS "Kapitan Głowacki" on its way to the shipyard.
Shipyard in Władysławowo
Interior of a sailing ship
Dismantling of masts
Preliminary cleaning of old paint layers and antifoulings
Levelled screed on deck
Dismantling the steel reinforcement of the bow and the bow itself
Work on the new bow
Assembly of the bow
Fitting and assembling planes
Fixing the rudder tunnel
Dismantling the old sheathing
Cleaning and replacing ribs (frames, bottom plates)
We made 40% of new covering
Closing the shell assembly stage
Raising the STS "Kapitan Glowacki"
Stress assessment for wooden keel, piles and steel ballast
Separating the steel ballast and putting it out from under the keel
Fastening the ballast to the keel
Dichting - the most arduous boatbuilding work
Dichting and filling gaps between planks with putty
Fitting the last boards
Finishing the dichotomy of the whole
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